Why You Need to Re-think Using Images for Commercial Use

Although numerous free stock photos are floating around the internet, you need to be careful when mounting images on your website. Some of the pictures found in sites claiming their images are free may have copyright issues. So the first thing you need to do is read through the fine print of the licensing of every image you want to use.

When using images from other websites, be sure to get the right of usage to allow you to use them on your site. Otherwise, you may end up losing out on so much.

Risks that come with using images for commercial purposes from various photography websites

Ø Lawsuits

The last thing you want is a lawsuit, especially when you are just starting out in eCommerce or blogging. You may be sparing every penny you have to get your site off the ground, so extra expenses like lawsuits will demand hiring lawyers who have to get paid.

Ø Grief

Be sure you will be in for a lot of grief when you upload photos with copyright issues on your website. Grief will come in the form of persons wanting to get paid or take you to court followed by sleepless nights.

The worst is dealing with people who will make it their top agenda to drag you through the mud. They will do this through posting negative comments on your website making your target audience start questioning you and your site’s credibility. You will end up losing out on your current customers and the potential ones.

Ø Embarrassment

Photography website templates with copyright issues may cause you so much embarrassment that you’d wish the internet would open up and swallow you to cover your shame. Some people will start posting embarrassing reviews that question your work or posting your embarrassing moments on social media platforms. Then you will have people who never knew you perusing through your social media pages to find out more about you – and not in a good way. They will be looking for more dirt to post and laugh about.

You need to know people on the internet are thirsty for drama. Take extra precautions to make sure you are not the subject of the drama.

Ø Cost and Time

While there are various photography websites, be careful which ones you pick to get free images for commercial use. Free may not be so free.

Money will not only go into hiring lawyers but into paying certain people and companies involved in the “free” stock photos.

Time that is very valuable will also go into trying to sort out the mess the best way you can. This time would have been used to get your website to a higher level to boost site visitors and sales.